Email for Communities

Features designed to inform and engage

  • Member Engagement

  • Customer Feedback

  • Surveys, Sign-ups, Ideas

  • Social Discussion

  • Group Collaboration

Meet our friendly email editor

Our email editor has all the essential customization features you need to make your emails look sharp. Liven up your emails with weblinks, images, and even personalized greetings in just a few clicks.

Send draft emails to get everything dialed in perfectly

There's no need to fret about whether your email looks perfect or not. Preview it in one click or send a draft to all of your Community Editors. You and your team can review and respond from your inbox. Then make all the adjustments needed before sending a final copy.

Add attachments in seconds

Add attachments to your email as links to make them really stand out or as traditional file attachments.

Reuse previous emails in one click from the archive

Want to reuse the format or content from an email you've sent in the past? No problem! Find your email in the archive and use the "resend" feature.

Easy Volunteer signups, polls, directory info gathering ...

When your email arrives in a community member's inbox, they know exactly how to respond. Nothing is hiding behind a click. Even better, they can respond without any need for new logins or passwords. That's the magic of Engagement Widgets!

Engagement Widgets create threaded conversation

Want to get a conversation started, or let your community give feedback on each other's responses? Engagement Widgets go beyond basic questions and responses to allow a conversation to emerge, kinda like a Facebook comment thread. Each comment creates an email notification to anyone else who is involved in the comment thread.

Drag-&-drop your Engagement Widget into your email

You're going to have fun using the Engagement Widget Designer to build engagement into your emails! Just drag & drop to add new questions or reorder things. As you make your changes the Designer updates the preview on-the-fly.

Customize Engagement Widgets to meet your needs

Want to set a cut-off date for responses? No problem! Sometimes it makes sense for your community to be on a first-name basis, other times it's better to let them respond anonymously. Here's a short list of some of the ways you can customize your Engagement Widgets:
  • Vertical vs. horizontal layout
  • A variety of results charts
  • First, first & last, or no names
  • Color customization
  • Show results or keep them private
  • Allow for comments or not

Browse and reuse your Engagement Widgets from previous emails

There's no need to start from scratch. Quickly look-up Engagement Widgets you've used in the past and make a copy for your new email.

Email a community sub-group or list

Need to send to certain smaller sets of community members? It's easy to organize your members into lists and groups (click for more info on groups) and send your email to any combination of groups and lists.

Email specific recipients

Or, just need to send a quick email to only a handful of members? Just click "Select specific members" and choose away!

Email those who responded a certain way, or not at all!

Another powerful feature of Engagement Widgets is being able to easily follow-up with exactly those who responded in a certain way. You can even send to those who responded in one of multiple ways, such as everyone who checked "Yes" or "Maybe." Or, email those who haven't yet responded to remind them to do so, or those who did respond to thank them! Whatever the case, the dynamic email address you select is always up-to-date with the latest response status of your community!

Send email to your community without even logging in

With our QuickSend feature you can reach your community right from your Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail account without signing into your Interactive Email account. It's the perfect solution for quick alerts, news items, etc. You can even send from your mobile device when you're on the go.

Join and moderate the conversation as needed

If you choose to allow commenting, anyone in the community can comment on other responses, or flag a response as innappropriate. Administrators can hide responses and comments as needed.

See your summarized engagement stats, or download the details

You can get a bird's-eye view of engagement or dig deep into delivery and response reports. Response reports are particularly good for event sign-ups, registrations, or any scenario where you need to have all the information at your fingertips. Get all the response data you need at the push of a button.

Use groups to take community engagement to the next level

Groups come with a powerful set of features allowing any member of the group to send emails to the group via their normal email program (like a listserv if you happen to know what that is). You can have as many groups as you like, each with their own set of Administrators and Editors.

Enable your members to reach the rest of the group in seconds

All from the comfort of their regular email tool, your members can reach the rest of your group by just using the group email address. Like other Interactive Emails, group emails are also archived. No more managing spreadsheets full of email addresses!

Manage the flow of group email via moderation

Need to make sure group emails get reviewed before they're sent to the entire group? Simply turn on group email moderation and each email will be run by the group's Administrators for approval before being forwarded to the rest of the group.